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Hanumakhaya Dry Fruits is a newly established company that sells biotic, natural and best quality handpicked dry fruits and spices procured from places of origin. The founder Mr.Durgeshh Chopraa when found that regular dry fruits available in market contained artificial preservatives, flavours, colours and emulsifiers, which negatively affect human health and the environment, He then promised to himself to impart his valuable customers with chemical free dry fruits and spices. In an incident where Mr. Chopraa found that biotic dry fruits with good quality, spices, and other ayurvedic products that is need of our regimen are not available to his country man, he took initiative to set this website and dispense all over the country through online marketing with of dry fruits, spices and ayurvedic products with original earthy taste and flavour.

Hanumakhaya Dry Fruits is turning it into multifariousness by adding segment of healing crystals and healing candles.

Mr. Chopraa have extreme passion and connection with energies which has brought him the auspicious knowledge about the use of crystals and candles for various healings and helping people. His in-depth connection and knowledge and quest for betterment of life provides solutions using all these as tools to heal various problems. His in-depth connection and knowledge with occult science further his consciousness and belief are boosting them to work for healing people.

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